Neglect: The Trouble is You Think You Have Time

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All our lives, life has generously provided us with an unfailing supply of tomorrows, a fact that makes it easy to live each today with a bit of neglect. However, those todays stack up, and one day neglect hands us one very expensive bill.

The good news is that today also happens to be the best day ever to stop making excuses, and to stop neglecting neglect.

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” — Buddha.

Let Your Communication be Yea, Yea; Nay, Nay

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Years ago my wife pressed me to replace the back yard with fresh grass. Honestly, I had zero interest in the project, but I could tell it was important to her, which meant I had a problem — and the problem had nothing to do with my wife. My problem was strictly internal: I had to find a way to get myself to a point where I knew I could act in a way that would be congruent with the answer I wanted to give her.

A Time to Lose

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Failure gets a bad rap. Sometimes, if you don’t let the pain of a failure sink deep into your DNA, then the lessons you might have learned from failure can be too easily overwritten by your standard operating system, thus leaving you programmed to repeat failure again. Don’t be that guy or girl. When you fail to change after a failure, you are pretty much saying, “I’m going to gamble that next time conditions will be perfect so I can succeed — or at least perfect enough to absorb the flaws I choose to cling to.”

Who is your neighbor?

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The great philosopher, Bill Cosby, once said that you are not really a parent until the children start to outnumber the adults. I have 7 children, so I guess I qualify as a real parent. Bill Cosby also once said, “I have SIX children. The reason I have six children, is I did not want […]