Mass Killings: It’s not just them, it’s us too.

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This is meant for those with the ability to put aside their political biases for a few minutes and consider a fresh perspective.

While we all mean well, and want a safer, more humane world, our problems won’t be solved by a mindset that only treats the symptoms and not the actual disease. Regardless which side of the debate you are on, if you are talking about gun control, or mental health screenings, you are trying to cure lung cancer with cough drops.

Most people don’t realize it, but the gun control debate became irrelevant the moment the first viable gun was 3D-printed. It is even easier to 3D-print things that would modify legal weapons, like bump stocks.

Ours is a world where planes, trucks, automobiles, knives, acid, and even kitchen appliances such as pressure cookers have been used to harm and murder groups of perfect strangers people who have absolutely nothing to do with the perpetrators.

Since the dawn of man, all mass killings have two things at their core: values and technology. These are the only two legs upon which all atrocities stand.

With regards to technology, it probably began with rocks and spears, then swords and arrows, then trebuchet catapults and cannons, then guns and bombs, then nukes and drones. When it comes to deadly technology, man’s ability to innovate may be boundless.

That said, the morality side of the problem may be even harder to fix. Since the dawn of man, “Repent!” hasn’t exactly been a popular message for people to hear.

This next paragraph may anger both liberals and conservatives, but please read it with an open mind and give it a chance.

Ours is a society that considers long-range and semi-automatic weapons a right, “personal freedoms” paramount, violence entertainment, and unborn children a “woman’s choice.” Should we really be surprised when this cheap regard for life produces a fringe element with no regard for life at all?

Obviously, no citizen “needs” bump stocks or automatic weapons, but unfortunately outlawing them will do almost nothing to protect innocent people from premeditated attacks.

As long as technology continues to advance, and values continue to decline, we can rest assured that some form of senseless violence will probably always be part of our lives.

Mass killings have two aspects: technology and values.

The technological remedy requires aggressive, intrusive surveillance. I get that many people don’t like that answer, but surveillance is the only technology that has a chance of countering the many ways people innovate to kill perfect strangers.

The moral remedy requires embracing this unimpeachable truth: society will not really change how it behaves until we personally change how we think.

Life has to start mattering more to us all.

Thanks for listening.